by Ranger Kidwell-Ross, Editor of and Executive Director of the World Sweeping Association.

Rosmech’s Colin Miller Explains How Hydrostatic Works

While we were on a tour of the Rosmech Environmental Cleansing Solutions facility in Adelaide, Australia, I noticed an item I didn’t recognize in the company’s training room. It was a cutaway of some sort of gearbox. I asked Colin Miller, our tour guide and a principal at Rosmech, what it was.

Colin said it was a hydrostatic gearbox, which they had built as a training tool for their operators. That way, he said, their operators can see visually why it is so important to operate the unit in the correct fashion. Since I don’t know how a hydrostatic drive works, I suspected some number of our readers wouldn’t, as well. So, I asked Colin if you would allow me to video his explanation. He agreed to do so.

In his training (and in the video), Colin explains how the gearbox teeth can be broken if the operator doesn’t use the correct techniques in driving the vehicle it’s installed into. Below the video you’ll find the link to our next story.